Even during the best of times, we need and appreciate a little support. It helps brighten our day and provides that extra push that’ll keep us going to the next obstacle.

Never is this more important than when you’re looking at physical and mental adversity. It can be painful, coming to grips with a handicap or chronic disease. Suddenly you find yourself in a wheelchair after years of using your own two feet. Or you’re having a hard time adjusting to a long term injury. Perhaps you or a loved one has just learned you’re suffering from an inoperable disease.

The truth is this is happening to so many every single day. There are more forms of disability than we could imagine. More lives than we know being dramatically affected by sudden, inexplicable change. We’re talking about afflictions that have the capacity to alter our lives forever … if we let them.

Welcome to LDICN. We’re here to discuss all things related to disabilities and lifestyles.

We’re here to provide information and news, to discuss and disseminate information about support groups, rehabilitation, education and more. We are ready to prove to the world that a disability doesn’t have to change the way you choose to live. It doesn’t matter if that disability is short or long term, or permanent. We’d like to open your eyes and inspire you to seek out all the opportunities available in the worlds of education, sports, travel, relationships, etc.

Use us. Let us be a resource that’ll keep you going to the next obstacle and beyond. If you have any specific topics you’d like to see covered, feel free to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you. We want to offer personal support and provide you with the healthiest ways of dealing with dramatic change. We look to help you get the best job, see the city of your dreams and, most importantly, create a community that can sustain itself on respect and reliability while putting a little fun on the table.