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young-disabled-employeeFew things are as frustrating as a disability that interferes with a person’s ability to make a living. There are resources, however, to lead the affected individual through the system to a point where he or she may once again provide for self and family.

There are two things that every individual should keep in mind when beginning the job seeking journey. The first is that jobs may not exclude individuals based upon disability. The second is that there are some jobs that have specific requirements that cannot be carried out by an individual with a disability.

The first step is to contact representatives of the government who work with disabled individuals looking for work. Depending on each individual case, such services as additional training and interview coaching are available. If there are not any appropriate training courses provided locally, a person might qualify for residential training. This training takes place in college buildings with staff who are familiar working with the disabled. There are also great resources online to help you build a great curriculum and perform well on aptitude tests.

positive disabledOnce someone is ready to actually look for a job, he or she should look for employers who have the “positive about disabled people symbol” on their signs, on their application forms or in their advertising. These are employers who have made the commitment to employ disabled people. Evenbreak is a business that matches up employers with disabled individuals who meet their employment needs. They will work with their employees to ensure success.

The Disability Employment Service will help employers and employees figure out if the job is suitable for the needs and ability of the disabled individual. They will even pay the wages the first couple of weeks.

Be mindful, that during the interview, a person can be rejected based on the interview performance. The disabled individual, however, cannot be rejected on the basis of the employer’s reluctance to make modifications for the disabled person. Representatives of Access to Work provide funds intended to help disabled individuals find and keep jobs. These funds can be applied to several areas of need. These areas include hiring someone to assist with the job interview, supplying equipment the individual needs to successfully complete job duties and providing transportation when public transport is not available or not accessible.

Once hired, employers must necessary accommodations to ensure that the disabled individual has the necessary means of completing the requirements of the job. Disabled employees must have access to the same training and the same facilities such as cafeteria, restrooms, etc. as all other employees. However, there are resources available for help if the employee feels he or she has been treated unfairly.