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peace-of-mindWhen it comes to happiness, life will place as many obstacles as it can between you and that target. There’s worry, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self esteem and more. Ironically, despite their negative connotations, we do need those emotions. They are as important to mental balance as anything. After all, how would you know you’re happy if you’ve never been sad?

There’s a single, simple trick to living a positive life. It’s trusting you’ve put your very best efforts into doing your best and knowing anything outside your purview can’t be controlled. It may be a cliché, but it’s true. Another tip to a sound mind is avoiding the traps that threaten peace of mind.

How much easier would this world be to live in if we were content with what we had? Sure, striving for more is the challenge but too many of us let that consume us. We take it to a level that stops us from seeing what’s right in front of us that’s good and beautiful.

There is a switch in our brains that insists we compare ourselves to others. If you use it to help become a better person, that’s fine. The truth is the majority of determine we’re better or not good enough. Remind yourself that you’re not supposed to be like everyone else.

Meditation and prayer are fundamental elements of well being. Studies have shown it reduces heart rate and blood pressure. It enhances brain activity. Psychologically, prayer brings peace of mind and joy, encouraging a positive outlook.

Thinking of yourself and your needs constantly is counterproductive. You will only discover you only want more than what’s in front of you. Worse, you’ll expect others to feel the same way about your needs.

There are many roads to happiness. One of them is to avoid the pitfalls of human fragility.