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urinal-gamingIf you thought video game developers had finally run out of original ideas, you were right. And we’re talking about an industry that’s given us some pretty lame ways to spend our time.

We had Superman for the Nintendo 64. This is a game where a man could fly but still needed a plane for some reason. Need we say more? Well, since you asked, the graphics were awful and lazy. They used a lot of fog and depth of field to convince themselves no one would actually see they didn’t put a lot of work into the graphics engine.

You probably don’t remember Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties. Oh, yes, it’s a game. It came to us from the short-lived 3DO and Kirin Entertainment companies. It referred to itself as an “interactive romantic comedy.” What it really was was a slideshow of really crappy still images. The voiceover work couldn’t been done on the audio software that came free with your PC. The old one in your basement.

Oh, we could go on and on, but we’re actually here to talk about what could be the latest of What da?!? games coming to a monitor near you. It’s called Urinal Gaming System. Yes, you heard right. You know how you take a controller to manipulate the action? Well, with this one, you do it with your, er, piss.

The overall concept is to put this game in men’s bathrooms, giving them something to do while standing there. If you’re playing a driving game… well, to go left you, er, piss to the left. To the right? You got it.

Now, this isn’t the first game of its kind. (Of course not!) Guitar Pee found its way to UK urinals a year ago.

And, no, you’re not crazy.