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Recently, reports have stated that 3 deaths in the state of Colorado may be linked to using synthetic marijuana. The use of synthetic marijuana has been on the rise for the past few years, causing panic among parents and deaths in teens and adults of all ages.

When the report was first released, it was stated that approximately 75% of all individuals who smoked a form of synthetic marijuana in the month of August in Chicago were seen in hospitals. In addition to the three suspected deaths, there have also been multiple cases of patients who ended up within the intensive care unit.

While marijuana carries a lot of potential medical benefits and the substance might offer relief to patients with various disabilities, it is strongly recommended to stay away from syntehtic marijuana.

What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is a form of various synthetic cannabinoids which are created from herbal and plant materials in addition to toxic chemicals themselves. On the street, the drug is known as “K2″, “Spice”, and even “Black Mamba.” When individuals smoke or use synthetic marijuana they may experience a variety of side effects depending on the dosage and their own body’s individual reactions to the drug.

Side Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic-marijuanaAt first glance, using synthetic marijuana is an individual’s way of “getting high” without using illegal substances. The drug has the ability to put users in a catatonic-like state while also giving them a temporary sense of euphoria in some cases.

However, due to the toxic chemicals and substances used within popular forms of synthetic marijuana today, there are many more harmful side effects and risks when smoking the substances.

Adverse reactions caused by synthetic marijuana include anxiety and severe agitation, mood swings, high blood pressure and even a racing heartbeat. In severe cases you may also experience muscle spasms, tremors, seizures, nausea and vomiting. Psychotic episodes and actual visual hallucinations are also possible when your body is taking in unknown and potentially harmful chemicals.

In extreme situations, users of synthetic marijuana have also reported feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts, which can often manifest into real actions if not properly monitored. Having harmful thoughts about yourself and others along with acting on them can be triggered with just one use of synthetic marijuana.

Unlike real marijuana, synthetic marijuana poses serious health risks, even if it is your first time using the product. Marijuana currently accounts for zero deaths per year due to adverse side effects triggered by the plant. Regardless of your experience with substances or other alternatives, using synthetic marijuana can ultimately cost you your life.

Alternative versions

EPSON DSC pictureToday, synthetic marijuana is ranked illegal in the United States, with the DEA designating five of the most common chemicals found within the drug Schedule I controlled substances. Although traditional forms of synthetic marijuana have been banned and made illegal, manufacturers are simply changing the types of chemicals and ingredients they are using to product alternative versions.

Medical marijuana patients are strongly adviced to stick to medical cannabis only. Patients who do not eligible for medical marijuana should consider growing their own cannabis. Suzy Seeds can provide cannabis seeds as well as a comprehensive grow guide. Disclaimer: Make sure to inform yourself with your local law and jurisdiction before ordering or cultivating any seeds.

Understanding the harmful effects of synthetic marijuana and how it can affect your overall health is a way to ensure you keep your distance from the toxic chemicals that are almost always present in the drug. When you find someone who has used synthetic marijuana call your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately.

Synthetic Marijuana Facts (PDF)