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disability-vacationJeremy Rynders founded Disabled Travelers. He was inspired by his older sister, Amy. She lives with cerebral palsy and mental retardation. Spending her life in a wheelchair has not prevented her from living a normal everyday life. Neither has it stopped her from doing something she loves, traveling. Her spirit and determination led to her family starting the Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch. They opened this resort after dealing with so many places that couldn’t accommodate Amy.

Disabled Travelers wants to accommodate all disabled travelers. It’s a resource devoted to providing information for accessible travel. Travel agents, tour operations, adventure travel, accessible vans and equipment are all covered. They’ll show you how to go about locating a travel companion, which can often be the case for the disabled. They provide travel products like personal utility pouches, comfort care travelers and the go-anywhere commode, shower and tub chair.

With the success of his family’s ranch, Jeremy decided he needed to find a way to help even more disabled travelers find good accessible travel information. Disabled Travelers is a comprehensive list of travel specialists that can turn a vacation into a true hassle free dream. Their blogs discuss in a fun way issues of travel in general and travel for the disabled in the specific.

Disabled Travelers is a great resource for providing access to comfortable and convenient travel.